The magic of Credo

Tom Parkin and mulga brown snake

Tom Parkin and mulga brown snake

Day three – Wednesday 31 August
Unfortunately, it’s my last morning at Credo before I head back to the office where e-mails and phone messages are waiting for me. My gentlemanly team members from yesterday have kindly offered to take me out with them to see what all our hard work has caught. Our morning haul includes a Mulga Brown snake (photographed and left to continue on his way), two skinks, a gecko, a scorpion and a trapdoor spider, not bad for the first night.

Skink from pitfall trap

Skink from pitfall trap

As I leave my little team digging the last pitfall trap line, including a hard working BHP Billiton volunteer and Earthwatch staff, I head back into Kalgoorlie for my flight home.

It will take me weeks to get the red dirt out of my clothes but the magic of Credo will hopefully stay with me a little longer.

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Jo Harding, Bush Blitz

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