Biodiversity discovery in the WA goldfields

Credo Station in the Western Australian goldfields - part of the National Reserve System

Out in the Western Australian goldfields a team of scientists are going prospecting — for plants and animals.

They’re here at Credo Station, about 120 kilometres north-west of Kalgoorlie as part of the nationwide Bush Blitz that is aimed at documenting the plants and animals across Australia’s National Reserve System.

Joining them are participants from BHP Billiton and Earthwatch Australia who, along with the Australian Government are the key partners in this multimillion biodiversity discovery program.

The team will spend the next 10 or so days finding and describing the array of biodiversity inhabiting this semi-arid environment — from mammals, reptiles, true bugs, spiders, butterflies and moths, native bees and a host of other invertebrates as well as plants. The results of this work will help guide future conservation and land management efforts on our parks and reserves.

Watch this space and discover with us some of the amazing natural finds on Credo Station!