Kakadu is BIG!

Kakadu is BIG! It’s 19,804 square kilometres BIG! That’s almost four times the size of Bali, two-thirds the size of Belgium and so big that if you covered that area with US$1 bills you would need almost 2 trillion dollars! Which is about four per cent of the total US debt… That’s how big Kakadu is!

So…It’s little wonder that people forget often about the southern end of Kakadu and focus on Ubirr, Nourlangie and Jim Jim Falls instead. But here in the south of Kakadu, there are some amazing places and right now is a beautiful time to see them. Maguk, a waterfall, creek and gorge just off the Kakadu Highway, is full of life at this time of the year. Walking along the creek to the plunge pool is like walking past an incredible aquarium full of native fish and turtles, while birds flit in between the pandanus branches and make dashes into the water for a quick bath. By no means is Maguk the only place you should see in Kakadu’s south. Gunlom, Bukbukluk and the walks at Yurmikmik are all special places. Set some time aside to see the southern parts of Kakadu. You’ll be glad you did.

Jol Muller, Kakadu seasonal ranger