National Biodiscovery Forum 2011

National Biodiscovery Forum 2011

From left, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies senior fellow Geoff Burton, Parks Australia's director of protected areas policy and biodiscovery Ben Phillips and Indigenous Advisory Committee member Jason Field.

Over 100 delegates gathered in Adelaide this month for the second National Biodiscovery Forum.

Hosted by Flinders University and sponsored by the Australian Government, the forum gave biodiscovery researchers and industry the chance to showcase their work in this exciting emerging field. Biodisocvery is scientific research into the genetic or biochemical make up of native species.

The Australian Government promotes best practice biodiscovery research and benefit sharing through its permit system.

This year’s National Biodiscovery Forum also included a special workshop on the Nagoya Protocol adoped by the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in November 2010.

The Nagoya Protocol establishes a legally-binding framework for biotechnology researchers and other scientists to gain access to genetic resources. For more visit our website.

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