Curios at the crossing

Saltwater crocodiles are cruising Cahill's Crossing in search of mullet.

It’s that time of year again — when the salties start cruising the popular Kakadu fishing spot, Cahill’s Crossing.

Their legs extended and forearms outstretched, the estuarine crocs are fishing for mullet.

Cahill’s Crossing dissects the East Alligator River, which forms the northern boundary between Kakadu and Arnhem Land. A viewing platform overlooking Cahill’s Crossing is the safest place to witness prehistoric reptiles feeding.

The crossing is influenced by tides and it is the big spring tides during August that push the mullet from their salty spawning grounds out at sea to fresh upstream waters.

It’s a fascinating spectacle, and natural tourist attraction — something many will never forget!

Sarah Bentley, seasonal ranger, Kakadu National Park