Strange sightings in the woodlands

Bagworm on flower

It’s the little things you notice when you walk slowly through the woodlands that make your day.

This week I have seen bits of bark and leaves get up and start moving. It makes you look twice. Well camouflaged amongst the forest floor, the little bagworm is crawling around. The bagworm (also known as a case moth, family: Psychidae) makes a bag out of silk and then sticks bits of leaf, bark (or whatever else it can find) to the bag to make a crafty disguise. One day, it will grow into a moth.

Look how well-disguised it is. Even on a beautiful yellow flower, it is looks like a bit of bark or leaf.

Circled bagworm in leaf litter

The bagworm is just one of the wonderful things I have seen in the woodlands this week. A turtle was also spotted wandering across the path in the middle of the day  to the undergrowth. This is not something you see every day. Isn’t he beautiful!

Turtle at Kakadu

It’s good to slow down as you walk through the country so you can notice so much more!

Helen Whitfield, Kakadu National Park