Funding boost to control Christmas Island's crazy ants

The yellow crazy ant which was accidently introduced to Christmas Island about 70 years ago and is now a major threat to the island's unique ecosystems

Christmas Island National Park’s control program for yellow crazy ants is set to continue following a $4 million injection from the recent Federal Budget.

This is great news as crazy ants are a significant threat to the island’s iconic red crab population as well as our rainforest ecosystems. The funding enables us to continue our control program until 2014–15 including investigating biological and other control options for crazy ants.

We’ve have started another one of our island-wide surveys which focuses on locating crazy ant supercolonies to guide our ant management program. This rigorous environmental survey will also monitor our red crab population as well as record the presence — or absence — of a range of plants and animals at over 900 locations across the island.

These surveys provide vital information on species distributions and densities — critical for making scientifically sound, informed decisions on managing the island’s ecology.

Click here to find out more about work to control yellow crazy ants on Christmas Island.

Dion Maple, Christmas Island National Park