A historic day for Wunambal Gaambera country

Yesterday was a very emotional day for everyone up here in the northern Kimberley.

Justice Gilmour of the Federal Court of Australia determined that the people of Uunguu had Native Title rights over some 26,000 square kilometres of country.

Just after, Wunambal Gaambera chairwoman Esther Waina with senior man Sylvester Mangolamara standing strong next to her, declared the 340,000 Uunguu Indigenous Protected Area on behalf of her people - reminding everyone that the declaration would help keep both culture and country strong for future generations.

It was a fantastic celebration of two amazing achievements which everyone worked very hard to bring about. Around 150 traditional owners and 50 other dignatories all flew in from Western Australia towns and cities and even further afield to participate in the momentous day.

Jason Adams showing rock art on Wunambal Gaambera country | Peter Morris

Ranger Jason Adams who showed us around his country summed up his people’s generosity: “Once we have welcomed you to our country, shown you country, you are part of country too.”

Miranda, Parks Australia