A bunch of bats at Kakadu

Kakadu staff have been debating the source of frog and gecko remains left on tables and benches at the Bowali Park Headquarters during the past few months.

A ghost bat was nominated as a likely culprit, and while not caught in the act, there are reports of a dead ghost bat lying near the remains of what appeared to be a toad or frog leg. There are similar ‘crime scenes’ in the Ubirr toilets which are a suspected result of ghost bat activities.

Meanwhile during the rainy week, several little northern bentwing bats (Miniopterus schreibersii), like this one, were found roosting around the Bowali building and houses during the past few months.

Northern bentwing bat | Parks Australia

A leaf-nosed bat has also been discovered flying around house eaves. But the jury is still out on whether it is a Hipodermis ater or the even more interesting H.stenotis. Any ideas?

Leaf-nosed bat | Parks Australia

Anne, Kakadu National Park