Abundant life at Lake Condah

Carnivorous snails, pobblebonk frogs, powerful owls, yellowbelly gliders and a possible new species of fish are just some of the exciting finds we’ve made at Lake Condah during our two week Bush Blitz.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks; we’re all exhausted but euphoric after spending our days and nights surveying Gunditjmara lands in south-west Victoria documenting the plants and animals that live here. The sheer abundance and diversity of life in this stone country has surprised us all.

Thanks to the great support we’ve had from the Budj Bim rangers and Gunditjmara people as well as the 30 or so scientists who have travelled from throughout Australia to take part in this Bush Blitz which is supported by the Australian Government, BHP Billiton, Earthwatch Australia and TERN AusPlots-Rangelands.

Find out more about our Lake Condah Bush Blitz here.

Berlinda Bowler, Bush Blitz team assistant