Road to ruin for robber crabs!

An eye-catching initiative on Christmas Island is helping to save the world’s largest remaining robber crab population from becoming a road statistic.

More than 850 robber crabs were killed on the island’s roads last year. Park staff have been recording road deaths, measuring and sexing the animals and then marking the location of their death with a circle of fluorescent pink paint.

The pink paint has grabbed the attention of locals who have applauded this initiative to promote awareness of the issue. Great job!

Robber crab roadkill | Parks Australia

These extraordinary robber crabs are the biggest land crustacean on earth. They’re capable of climbing trees, digging burrows, cracking open coconuts, smelling food from kilometres away — and ‘robbing’ anything not tied down. They’re known to live for more than 50 years.

Mike, Christmas Island National Park