Injured tawny frogmouth returns to the wild

Jenny and Col Packwood and the tawny frogmouth they nursed back to health

Just prior to Christmas an injured tawny frogmouth was nurtured back to health by our dedicated Booderee friends Jenny and Col Packwood.

The bird was found at Green Patch entangled in a vine. It had hurt its wing and required attention from our experienced bird carers.

Jenny and Col are members of the Native Animal Network Association’s wildlife carer network and have been treating Booderee’s injured birds for many years. They are terrific bird carers and do a fantastic job -  all voluntary. Over the years they have cared for penguins, sea eagles, rosellas, lorikeets and even threatened species of birds like ground parrots.

Often birds are too badly injured to return to the bush but this time all the hard work of Jenny and Colin paid off and our tawny frogmouth came home!

Matt, Booderee National Park