What’s your favourite part of Booderee National Park?

Booderee National Park staff show visitors around the park

Booderee staff show visitors around the park | Parks Australia

The results are in! We completed our visitor survey in a fortnight this summer, asking more than 300 of our visitors what they think of our park. Here’s a sample of what they said… but we would love to hear your thoughts too!

Visitor from Holland, aged 20-30
“We saw dolphins from the beach, echidnas on the road and we had a beautiful walk in the national park.”

Indigenous visitor from New South Wales, aged 30-40
“Seeing Wreck Bay mob do so well, I want to see this partnership model across the country. This model has significant implications for improving Indigenous community and mental health.”

Visitor from Canberra, aged 50-60
“Beautiful location, camping continues to be a wonderful experience in clean, well-maintained, separated sites.”

And a local from Shoalhaven, aged 50-60
“Family time, animals and marine life, clean swimming beaches. We want to keep it a secret! This is the best national park we have ever visited. Really like the friendly staff, the cleaners, rangers and office people… very much enjoyed the penguin talk and the marine photographer. The Aboriginal people show themselves in a very positive light here in Booderee National Park – they represent their people extremely well.”

Sonya, Booderee National Park

3 thoughts on “What’s your favourite part of Booderee National Park?

  1. i recently visited murrays beach and obviously i had to enter your park.The entry booths were UNATTENDED as was the visitors centre. when i returned to my car i found an infringment entry fee fine placed on my car. upon leaving i went to the visitors centre which was closed….time was approx 2.30pm. it is not good enough not to have any staff on duty during a week day.your management protocol leaves a great deal of revision to be considered. please reply to my email .and advise me where i can get a satisfactory explanation of the way our national heritage is being mishandled.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure when or what time you entered the park so I can’t say what happened that day – let me answer you generally.
    At this time of year (April) the main Entry Station booth for Booderee National Park is open mid week from 9 a to 4 pm (with longer hours on weekends and school holidays). Our Visitor Centre is also open seven days a week from 9 am to 4 pm. We also have a 24 hour ticket dispensing machine in the Visitor Centre carpark for use outside those hours.
    On occasions due to emergency operations, staff training or other unforseen events we may have to close the Visitor Centre at short notice or for short periods but staff are instructed to place notice of this on the front door.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused on this occasion. Your infringement notice is not a fine – simply a reminder that you need to pay a park fee.
    If you are a regular visitor to Booderee it is often cost effective to purchase an annual permit for your car ($40 for one year or $60 for 2 years). You can then visit as often as you like and get quicker and easier access to the Park.
    Thanks again for your feedback – we hope you visit us again.
    Scott Suridge, Park Manager

  3. The Botanic Gardens is just breathtaking. There are a lot of things we can also do in the campsite and I can’t just get enough of the beach clear waters. My family is planning to visit again soon. Hopefully, we can plunge in again before the year is over.

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