Wombats at Bon Bon

Where can you find a hungry vegetarian with an aversion to hot weather?

At Bon Bon Station Reserve in South Australia! The southern hairy-nosed wombats toughen it out here in one of the hottest and driest places in Australia.

To conserve their energy and water the wombats rest in cool, humid burrows during the day, emerging to feed only at night.

But how’s this for a twist of fate? At Bon Bon the ground is either too sandy for burrows or rock-hard. This means building a burrow is hard work. Much better to share an existing burrow with your neighbours! Up to 10 of these wombats can be found in individual burrows at Bon Bon.

Bush Heritage Australia, who manage the property for conservation, have recently captured these stumpy-legged powerhouses on night vision camera - which we’ve posted above.

They are taking these photos to try and work out how many wombats are on the property and where they live to find out whether this is the most northern population in Australia.

Bon Bon Station Reserve is a National Reserve System property - Australia’s most secure way of conserving our environment for future generations.

Maya and Tim, Parks Australia