Plenty to see at Booderee

Don’t let the recent rain put you off – Booderee’s birds are loving it! There are more than 200 species of birds for you to see at this award-winning national park. If you’ve been to Booderee recently we’d love to know which birds you have seen! Comments are welcome below.

If you’re camping or picnicking at the spectacular Green Patch Beach look out for the park’s cheeky parrots – like this fella here. And when you get home you can relive your holiday by listening to him on our birdwatching website.

King Parrot, Booderee | Parks Australia

King parrot, Booderee | Parks Australia

For keen twitchers – Booderee is one the best places in the world to view sea birds, especially from boat. Off Booderee’s coast line you might be lucky enough to see a pied or sooty oystercatcher.

Sooty oystercatcher, Booderee | At A Glance

Sooty oystercatcher, Booderee | At A Glance

Look up and you could see the guardian of the Indigenous people of Wreck Bay – the white-bellied sea eagle.

White-bellied sea-eagle | Booderee National Park

White-bellied sea-eagle

For more information on how to get to Booderee National Park visit our website .

Miranda, Parks Australia

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